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On this map you can see all the paintings and all the spots where I was working on this project.

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

"throw it to the wall and see what sticks"

Paintings Nr. 82, 83 "Towers"

This are the two last paintings I made before setting up my upcoming show: Two different kind of towers.
The left painiting shows the ventilation tower on the NT-Area. On the right painting there is the Antonius-Church seen from the Kannenfeldpark. It was designed by the architect Karl Moser and built betwen 1925 and 1927. This is the first church in switzerland entirely built in concrete.

 Nr. 82, Autobahnentlüftung NT-Areal / Nr. 83, Antoniuskirche
30 x 30 cm both
24.04. 2014 / 08.05. 2014