Map – painting on the spot

Landscapes – radius Basel show larger map
On this map you can see all the paintings and all the spots where I was working on this project.

Mittwoch, 17. August 2016

Vernissage in Ascona

I'm very happy to announce the upcoming vernissage in Ascona, my first show in the southern part of switzerland…

A group exhibition together with André Schmucki and Laura Pellegrinelli. I will show Stuffed animals "Kuscheltiere" and others.

Vernissage: 17 - 19.30, Friday August 19th
The Exhibition lasts till August 26th 2016.

Montag, 8. August 2016

Where i grew up…

I took the last oportunity to paint the house in wich I grew up. It was a really nice sunny day in the garden in Lucerne.
Now the house is sold and my parents moved out.
I couldn't decide which version is the better. So I show both of them. (the second one was a really quick one, just to "clean" the color palette.

Nr. 180, Saelistrasse, Luzern
30 x 30 cm

Nr. 180, Saelistrasse, Luzern
30 x 30 cm